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Fine Art - this site is dedicated to fine arts, visual arts, conteporary fine art, techniques, painting, interior design, wall painting including fresco technique, digital photo, printing on canvas, about the contemporary artist Inga Shteinberg and more....
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Welcome to Art of Painting!

This site is dedicated to fine art, contemporary art, contemporary oil painting, fine art techniques and methods used in oil paintings, in particular portrait painting, landscape, still-life, original oil paintings on canvas and picturess reproduction

In decorative painting we will be discussing oil painting on wood, wall painting and fresco technique.

interior design section covers projects and interior decorative painting techniques.

graphic design and digital photography is a section where you will find fine art photos, artistic posters, fine art prints, prints on canvas (gihlee technique).

This site is based on the expertise of Inga Shteinberg who is actively contributing to the development of contemporary fine arts.

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